Twenty, Forty, Sixty

Twenty, Forty, Sixty 2020

Taking the viewer from the dance halls of the 1960s to the present day, the film offers a unique perspective on the evolution of dance whilst conveying its ability to connect individuals and its positive impact on mental and physical health.

Living Pictures

Living Pictures 2020

In Rogaland, Norway, 900 meters above the sea, the dancer Cesilie Kverneland is moving in tactile contact with the surrounding nature, and her inside images. Accompanied by a poem by the Norwegian poet Gunnar Roalkvam, and music by John Derek Bishop

Judy Versus Capitalism

Judy Versus Capitalism 2020

A bio-doc about my pal Judy Rebick: iconic second wave Canadian feminist, radical activist, journalist and writer. She is the founding publisher of, Canada’s irreverent progressive online news source, and a former president of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women, Canada’s largest women’s group. Shot in kinetic bursts of super 8, the only voice is Judy’s, impelling a trek through a devastated family, the struggle for women’s right to choose and the challenge of neo-liberalism. A series of six public moments (marked by speeches and TV spots) structure a life collage that arrives in six movements. A fractured movie for fractured times.

Tokyo Telepath 2020

Tokyo Telepath 2020 2020

Summer 2018. Tokyo has become a giant building site in the run-up to the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Behind the ambitious buildings' facades, an even more far-reaching transformation is unfolding: the city is being digitised, inhabitants and all. The ‘Fusion’ programme has been embraced by the population and is well on its way to controlling their minds. A philosophical-spiritual science-fiction film about two teen girls with special gifts and their special mission.

Si yo fuera el invierno mismo

Si yo fuera el invierno mismo 2020

Four friends meet on a remote estate to create a cinematic re-enactment of three iconic works that embodied the social and artistic revolution of 50 years ago.

Rebel Dread

Rebel Dread 2020

Documentary about Don Letts who played a leading role in pop history. Letts injected Afro-Caribbean music into the early punk scene and shot over 300 music videos including for Public Image Ltd. and Bob Marley, but also for teen sensations Musical Youth's reggae smash 'Pass The Dutchie'. Besides his enduring relationship with The Clash, the constant factor in Letts' eventful career as a DJ, manager, film director, musician and radio maker is that, from the 1970s on, he continued to draw attention to cultural issues, as he does today with his radio programme for BBC 6, Culture Clash Radio.


Porcelein 2020

Paul and Anna live an apparently happy and successful life. But when their son inexplicably falls ill, the facade of a seemingly happy family life crumbles completely, like brittle porcelain that can no longer be glued.

Midnight Coffee

Midnight Coffee 2020

When a tragically-burnt coffee drives a barista past his breaking point, it unleashes a strange and unquestioned force... Midnight Coffee is an highly stylized absurd examination of work addiction and millennial post-humanity.

An Impossible Project

An Impossible Project 2020

Humans are analogue. We're literally sick of the digital world engulfing us. People are yearning for real things and authenticity. IMPOSSIBLE is sensuous and inspiring film about the revenge of analog. And the eccentric, crazy Austrian scientist, who saved the world's last Polaroid factory - just when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone. An entertaining underdog story of a very modern Don Quixote, shot on 35mm. And a sumptuous invitation to fall in love with real things again.

I Blame Society

I Blame Society 2020

Director Gillian Horvat, who plays a fictional version of herself, navigates the endless process required to get a first film off the ground in her fascinating feature film debut. From an innocent initial concept – the perfect murder of the unbearable partner of one of her friends – towards full-scale madness. Was she always crazy or did this project make her that way?

La Fortaleza

La Fortaleza 2020

Venezuela's economic crisis explodes into riots on the streets of Caracas, as middle-aged Roque heads for the Amazon jungle to revive the abandoned lodge he built during happier, healthier days. As the jungle closes in on him, good friends encourage bad habits and whisper promises of finding gold.

Farewell Paradise

Farewell Paradise 2020

Farewell Paradise is about the search for a truth within a broken family, based on the personal story of director Sonja Wyss's family. From one shared history, through 6 different perspectives, 6 different stories emerge.


Dreamlife 2020

In a deep cave, from a deep sleep, a caver awakens into an infinite dream.

La Dosis

La Dosis 2020

Marcos is an experienced nurse. He works in the night shift of a provincial private clinic. He is applied and professional but has a secret: in some extreme cases he applies euthanasia. Gabriel, a new nurse, shakes the sector: he is young, intelligent and beautiful. Seduces everyone. He soon deciphers Marcos' secret by progressively taking control of his life. Marcos retracts until he discovers that Gabriel also kills, but capriciously. That revelation will force him to confront Gabriel, Marcos knows that only by exposing his true identity will be able to stop him.


Willem 2020

In a confined prison cell, Alexander, a young Nazi officer, is awaiting Willem who has been convicted of blowing up a building that held records of local Jewish residents. Willem is also openly homosexual, in a time when people were persecuted for such lifestyles. As Willem and Alexander sit alone in the cell, the former attempts to engage in conversation with his captor, who initially remains quiet. But over the course of three days, not only do they begin to converse, but they begin to have a profound emotional impact on one another.